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Post #23: The Frame & Window Game

Hey all! Long time and no post, huh? My apologies, as I know you’ve been holding your breath, right? But I hope all is well with all of you!!! It’s been an incredibly busy late fall and early winter, but there is lots to report on in regards to the farmhouse. We hit the huge milestone of completing framing last week (yay!) Now it’s on to less exciting, but still very critical things, like installation and HVAC. But here’s a recap of how framing went…Oh! We have windows now too (so pretty!)


Our framing crew started in late September. September 26th to be exact, which was exactly one month after George, Walker and David started framing in the workshop. First, they prepped the foundation with installation and support boards. Then came a layer of plywood.

Then the walls started going up…


Along the way, we had a crane day, where metal support beams were installed to ensure structural integrity.

Then more walls went up. As they finished them, the walls were wrapped in plywood sheathing. (In the above photo, the framed in garage bays are on the left, the great room portion of the home is in the center, and the start of the bonus room wing is on the right. Also included is David’s truck “Rosie” who has spent lots of time being a delivery truck these past few months, picking up everything from lumber to lunches and the like…)


By mid-October, it was time for the crew to move onward and upward and start framing the 2nd story of the farmhouse. As you may recall, the second story only runs along the east side of the house. Here will be a loft, a laundry room and the master suite.(The start of the attic space above the garage.)

(View from the master bedroom.)


By early November, things got all sorts of technical, as they installed the roof trusses in the great room. Our head framer, Julian, had the ingenious idea of having the crew build the trusses on the ground ahead of time, and then they were installed them with the help of a crane.

The 60 foot header beam to anchor the 2nd story roof was also installed via crane.

Once the main beam was installed the roof could be framed out.


Next, it was time to start structural steel work on the silo and focus efforts on framing the bonus room wing. (Do you like how Walker is wearing shorts in mid-November? It was a wonderfully and abnormally warm fall this year in Colorado, which made framing so much easier than having to do it in freezing temperatures!)

 (The rings were welded into place on site and then raised up via forklift.)


Next came framing work on the clear story portion of the great room (the row of windows that pop up from the top of the roof.)

Also during this time, our concrete crew came back to pour slabs for the the posts for the front and back porches, the patio off of the dog room (yes, our dogs are getting their own patio…) and the 2 fireplaces.(This is the foreman of the concrete crew, Omar. After claiming to not know what work or a wheelbarrow was, David, George, and Walker made him reluctantly pitch in one afternoon…)


By mid-November, we had windows going in. We went with options from the Integrity line and the Ultimate line of Marvin Windows. All of the windows are black on the outside and white on the inside, except for the ones in the bonus room. (Those are black on the outside and stained wood on the inside.) We had a tough time choosing between Marvin windows and Kolbe windows, but Marvin’s offering of 2 lines of windows to choose from that you can easily mix and match for cost savings, won out in the end. Because at the end of the day, there are certain windows you are going to spend lots of time looking out of and then there’s a window like the one below in the guest bedroom bathroom that going to give someone a view while they brush their teeth maybe 5 times a year. Sorry guest bathroom window! We still love you all the same! Also our window rep, Bobby was and continues to be exceptional to work with!

We also (finally) got our first snow of the season on November 19th.


By December, the crew started installing the amazingly crafted timber beams that Walker had spent weeks putting together onto the front and back porches. (Needless to say, I think Walker was excited about his handiwork!)(SOOOOO gorgeous!)

Our silo also got it’s wooden top, and our fireplace and chimney was framed out. (Our head framer, Julian, once again saved us time and money with his quick, ingenious thinking. Instead of having to rent another crane and operator to install the centerpiece [a.k.a. “the nuclear warhead,” as the guys called it,] into place, Julian decided to try hoisting it with this manual lift that we’d rented to help lift Walker’s timber frame beams into place. Success!)

Christmas came early and on December 22nd, the windows I’ve so been looking forward to were installed – the huge windows will run along the stairs leading from the first floor to the second floor and the windows on the north side of the great room.

Our plywood roof was covered in weathershield wrap to protect it from the elements and prepare it for the actual metal roof (to be installed later on,) but apparently it couldn’t hold up to the 90 mph wind gusts that we had on Christmas day, as some of it blew away! But it’s only money, right? 🙂

After Christmas, we got even more presents, as we had the huge, glass sliding doors installed in the great room.

The new year of 2017 was ushered in with some brutal cold and more winds, but we had windows installed in the clearstory. (The branch you see on the chimney is an old, Dutch building tradition. Walker placed a branch on both the workshop and the farmhouse, explaining that “A branch on top of a newly standing structure represents good fortune and fortitude for not only the building, but it’s inhabitants, as well. It’s an ancient tradition of good blessings.”) 


After wrapping up some lingering odds and ends for the next 2 weeks (minus several days where it was too cold or too windy to work,) the last piece of sheathing was put into place in mid-January. (Before finishing work for the day, Eric, one of our framers, paid homage to his home country on the garage roof. Unfortunately, it dumped about 10 inches of snow in the next 24 hours, so his shout out was soon buried in fresh powder.)

With the exception of having the windows in the silo, the garage doors in the garage, and a front door in the front, we’re all closed in for the winter. (The final piece goes on…)

And that ladies and gentleman, is a wrap on framing and windows!

I’ll try to keep the blog posts coming more frequently now. We’re getting to so much good stuff now, and I appreciate you all following along!


‘Til next time,







Post #7: The Floor Plan

Hey kids. Sorry for the delay in getting this next post out! Been busy house planning and traveling, and now that I am home, getting caught up! I figured that I’d have more time to work on the blog while I was away, but that ended up not being the case. Good trip though. As always, my family means the world to me! So without further ado, let’s pick right up where we left off and I’ll give you a ridiculously long post on the floor plan!!!

Here is the overall footprint of our home:



And here is the downstairs floorpan for the farmhouse:

Downstairs Floor Plan

Kinda hard to make out, right? Not to worry. Let’s go thru it section by section…

The Great Room Section:

As you might be able to recall, the farmhouse is essentially a U-shape (if you ignore the garage.) The bottom part of the “U” is the great room section of the home. Here you will find the kitchen (including the pantry,) dining area, and the living room area. In this middle of this section, you will also find the front door, which faces north. There is a front porch on the north side of the house and a back porch on the south side of the house. If you enter in thru the front door, the dining area is straight ahead, the living room is to your right, and the kitchen and pantry are to your left. Let’s take a closer look…

great room floor plan

The floor plan for the great room.



Here is a close up of the entry off of the front door and the dining area.



Here is a close up of the living room. There is a fireplace and built-in cabinets on the west wall. There will also be a sliding barn door on the west wall, which is how you will access the bonus room section of the home. On the south wall will be three sets of sliding doors that will lead to the back patio.



Here is a close up of the kitchen and pantry. On the north wall of the kitchen will be a row of lower cabinets and one upper cabinet. The sink will be under the window and the dishwasher will be to the right of the sink. Next to the dishwasher will be the refrigerator. There will be a large, 2-tiered island in the center of the kitchen. It will accommodate four bar stools. The center island will have a row of cabinet drawers and a small sink. There will also be a cut out in the north end of the island, so a dog bed can fit into that space. On the east wall will be a row of lower cabinet drawers and two large upper cabinets on either side of the stove. The oven will be on the south end of this wall. There will be a door on the south wall of the kitchen that will lead you to the outdoor kitchen on the back patio. The walk-in pantry will be behind the east wall of the kitchen (the wall with the stove and ovens on it.)


The Two-Story Section of the Farmhouse:

Part 1 – The First Floor/Downstairs:

The left-hand side of our “U” shaped farmhouse is the two-story section of the home. The 3-car garage protrudes off of this section to the north though, so it does skew the “U” shape a bit. The downstairs portion of this section contains the mudroom (directly off of the garage,) then the mechanical room, the dog room, a full bathroom, and the office/secondary guest bedroom. The guest bedroom suite is also on this level.

1st floor of 2-story section

The floor plan of the first floor of the 2-story section of the farmhouse.


mud and mech rooms

Here is a close up of the mudroom and the mechanical room. You enter into the mudroom off of the garage. There will be cabinets on the east and south walls of the mudroom, along with a bench and cubbies. An exterior door will be on the west wall of the mudroom for additional access. From here you will walk up two steps into a hallway that leads to the stairs and the rest of the rooms on this level. The first room on your right will be the mechanical room that will house the boiler, hot water tank, etc.


dog room

Here is a close up of the dog room. This is the next room down the hall from the mechanical room. Opposite of the west wall of the dog room is the start of the stairs leading to the second story of this section of the home. The dog room will have cabinets, a small washer/dryer, and a dog washing station on the south wall of the room. There will be a door leading to a covered porch and a dedicated dog yard on the north wall of the dog room.


first floor bath

Here is a close up of the first floor bathroom. This is the next room after the dog room if you are heading south down the hallway from the mudroom. It’s a pretty straightforward layout, with a toilet and a sink of the east wall and a stand up shower on the south wall. Across the hallway from the bathroom are the stairs.



Here is a close up of the office. This is the next room after the bathroom. This room will also act as a secondary guest bedroom. There is a closet on the west wall of the room. Otherwise, it is open and ready for decorating. For perspective, the walk-in pantry is on the other side of the west wall of this room. Directly across from the door to the office is a short hallway that leads into the kitchen.


1st floor

To re-cap, the above photo shows the rooms on the first floor of the 2-story section of the farmhouse that we’ve covered, so far.


Guest bedroom

The first floor of the 2-story section of the farmhouse (the left side of the “U”,) also contains the guest bedroom suite. The closet is on the east wall and the guest bathroom is off of the north wall of this room. The bathroom will have a tub/shower combo and a toilet closet on the west wall. Double vanities will be on the east wall. Technically the guest bedroom suite falls in line and is the next room on the first floor after the office, however, to give it more of a private feel, you will access this room off of the south wall of the kitchen. So to get there from the office, you’ll proceed down the short hallway to the kitchen, turn left to go thru the kitchen, then turn left again to get to the guest bedroom door, and the room will be on your right.

guest bed

Here’s the “path” you take to get there in more detail (hopefully this makes sense!)


Part 2 – The Second Floor/Upstairs:

If you head back around to the stairs, you’ll take them up to the second floor of the 2-story section of the farmhouse (again, it’s the left side of the “U”.) This upstairs level is home to a loft space, the laundry room, and the master suite.


The floor plan of the upstairs floor of the 2-story section of the farmhouse.



Here is a close up of the loft. It is currently labeled on our drawings as an office. David may use this space as an office, but it may also be used as an exercise room or a music room. To get to this space, you will turn left at the top of the stairs and proceed down a short hallway. The west wall of this room if only a half wall, so it is largely open to the stairs.


laundry room 2

The next room in line after the loft is the laundry room. It is directly across from the top of the stairs. On the south wall of this room is a large linen closet, as well as access to the master closet. There will be a sink and cabinets on the east wall of the room. The washer and dryer will be on the north wall of the room.



Here is a close up of the master bedroom suite. To get here, you would proceed straight down the hall from the top of the stairs (heading south.) Once you enter the doorway to the master bedroom suite, the bathroom is to your left.


master bath & closet

Here is a close up of the master bath and master closet. The master bath will have a single vanity on the south wall of the room and another single vanity on the opposite side. The bathtub and the shower will be on the east wall, and the toilet room will be on the west wall of the room. There will be a pocket door leading to the master closet on the north wall of the room.


master bedroom

Here is a close up of the master bedroom. The master bath will be off of the north wall of this room. There will be a small balcony off of the south wall of this room. The windows on the west wall of the room will look out over the patio.


The Bonus Room Section:

If we go back to the whole “U” shaped house idea, then the right-hand side of the “U” contains the bonus room section of the farmhouse. This room is one-story and you will access it off of the living room on the first floor.

bonus room 2

Here is the floor plan for the bonus room section.


bonus room without silo

Here is a close up of the bonus room without the silo portion. You will enter this room via a sliding barn door at the middle of the east wall of the room. There is also a sliding door on the east wall of the room that leads out onto the back patio. There is a fireplace and lots of windows on the south wall. On the north wall of the room an additional round room mimicking a grain silo from the exterior juts into the space.


silo floorplan

Here is a close up of the silo area that is off of the north wall of the bonus room. We plan to use this space as a library/sitting room.


Ok, still with me? You’re a trooper! Hopefully this all made sense! Now that you know what the floor plan is, we’ll take a quick look at how the farmhouse looks from the exterior and then we’ll dive into the layout and design plan for each individual room/area in the place. We may take some detours in the meantime too. Sound like a plan? Thanks for sticking with me! More great things to come!!!